Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do these graphics allow you to see through them?
    These graphics are printed on a mechanically perforated vinyl material. The material is 70% material and 30% holes. The human eye picks up light reflected from objects. This material capitalizes on this fact. From outside your eyes see the light reflected off the colorful, high resolution graphics, blending the holes. It looks like a solid image. The adhesive side, which faces inside is black. When you look out from the inside of the vehicle, your eyes see the light reflected from objects outside e.g. cars, scenery etc. and blend in the black. Very cool!
  • Will snow scrapers damaged my rear window graphic?
    Snow scrapers can damage or destroy your rear window graphic.
  • Can these be installed with a rear wiper?
    It is best to avoid the use of wiper blades and snow scrapers. Rear window mounted wiper blades can cause premature wear to your rear window graphic. Use of a rear window wiper will void your warranty.
  • Will the image be damaged by window tint or defrosters?
    No. these graphics apply to the outside of the window and will not effect, or be effected by window tints of factory window defrosters.
  • Are they installed on the inside or outside of the window?
    All see-through window graphics are applied to the outside of the window surface.
  • Will my vision be obstructed by rainfall, snowfall, car washes, etc?
    Yes, condensation, rainfall, snowfall and car washes can fill the small perforations of the rear window graphic and cause reduced vision until drying occurs. Turing on your rear defroster may speed this process.
  • Can I take my vehicle thorugh a car wash with my rear window graphic?
    Try to avoid all power car washes during the week following installation. However, after that period it is safe to take through car washes. As a general rule, treat the image as you would the painted surface of your car. Do not use abrasive cleaners on the image.
  • Are rear window graphics easy to install and remove?
    Installation: Rear window graphics are easy to install and remove yourself! A qualified installer can install one in minutes. For first time purchasers of our product, we recommend that you consult our installation page for details on how to optimally install your graphic.

    Removal: Rear window graphics can be removed by using a thin scraping device. It is best to start from one corner and lift up a small section. Once a small section is lifted, you can normally use hand force to pull the rear window graphic from the glass. If any adhesive residue remains, clean with a quality commercial glass cleaner or citrus-based adhesive remover/cleaner.
  • Can I use Ran-X or similar products with my RWG?
    We discourage the use of these products as they may damage the image on your window graphic.
  • Is there a warranty on your rear window graphics?
    ClearVue warrants all of our products for the LifeTime of the product to the original purchaser. Please see our Service Details page for more information.
  • How quickly will I receive my order?
    All of our orders ship on the next business day after you order. Shipping options are available for faster delivery times.
  • Prior to installation, my new ClearVue Graphic appears somewhat dull. The colors are not that bright and vivid. Will this change after I install it?
    Yes, once the peel away layer has been removed, the colors will increase in brightness and clarity.
  • Do you sell or share your mailing list?
    All customer information is used exclusively by ClearVue Graphics, and will never be provided to any other entity for any reason.
  • Can you reproduce pro sports teams, vehicle mfg, logos, public characters, etc?
    We cannot reproduce any logo, mark, or protected image without permission. Examples of protected images are: NASCAR, NFL, NBA, NHL, Elvis, ACDC, Superman, Micky Mouse, No.3, No. 8, etc.
  • Where are these graphics produced?
    All ClearVue Graphics are designed and printed in the United States of America. Our headquarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Can you create custom designs or sizes?
    Yes. ClearVue Graphics can print custom graphics. Whether you want a single graphic for your personal vehicle, or for a whole fleet, we can produce them at an affordable cost.

    Click here to submit your design for a custom Clearvue graphic and receive a free quote.
  • Do you have secure shopping on the site?
    All transactions are protected by powerful Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 128 bit encryption technology. SSL encrypts your credit card number, name, address, and telephone number before they travel over the Internet. This makes doing business over the Internet as secure as purchasing by telephone.
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